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Authoring and graphics

An effective web site needs well written text and compelling imagery. Along with the site design, these two factors are the most important influences on relevance and trust - the factors which keep visitors on your site and encourage them to return. We can help you with this.

The graphics on a web site can include not only the masthead and footer images (the ones on this site with the chessmen) but also the bullet symbols, outlines and backgrounds of page elements such as menus, and even product photographs. These need to look professional, of course, but also must reflect the ethos of the site, enhance (and not obstruct) the use of the site, and fit in with any branding or house style.

We can enhance your own images or graphics for inclusion on your site, and prepare them technically to download quickly while still looking great. We an also supply and or create graphics on your behalf. It's up to you.

The text on a web site often needs to satisfy several different objectives at once, for example;

  • Text must be informative and easily read by someone who is scanning your site.
  • Text must reinforce the relevance and trustworthiness of your site.
  • Text should be written with a particular audience (or persona) in mind.
  • All text on the site should have a consistent "voice".
  • Complex information should be presented simply, with an option to "read more".
  • Keywords should be carefully placed to help search engines evaluate the site.
  • Text should be used to persuade users to take the action that you want them to take.

We can assist you by either re-writing your own copy to more closely satisfy the above criteria, or we can write the text for you based on information you supply.



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