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Ecommerce consulting

If you are intending to use your web site to sell goods or services to customers, to contact prospective customers or to generate sales leads, then you need to understand and effectively implement a number of ecommerce disciplines. We can help you do this.

Most ecommerce sites will make some use of paid advertising, such as that offered by Google or Microsoft. These campaigns need to be carefully set up and then managed to ensure they are providing value for money. The trick is to measure Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) for each major keyword or group of keywords against a minimum profitable percentage, and to check this regularly. This is most effective when combined with AB testing of advertising copy, landing page copy, etc.

The site itself must support ecommerce by maximising conversion, that is the percentage of visitors who carry out your intended action (such as buying a product). The higher your conversion rate, the lower your costs and the higher your turnover will be. This needs to be monitored regularly, at a campaign or even keyword level.

A web site specifically tailored to optimise conversion is often referred to as a persuasion architecture. This involves the limiting of visitors' freedom of movement at each stage of the buying process to only those choices which you want them to make. This series of customer (or visitor) choices is called the "sales funnel", but applies equally to actions other than sales, such as newsletter signups or lead generation. This must also be measured regularly.

The above is a small sample of the techniques which are essential for modern ecommerce. We can teach these to you, implement them on your behalf (such as setting up an Adwords campaign) or even manage the process for you. It's up to you.





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