Local web and ecommerce services to give you a web site with serious BITE

Hosting services

Your web site needs to have a home on the internet, and an address or URL. We can provide those, either on our own servers or with your preferred third party service or existing ISP. We can also advise you on the best choice of available URLs.

For example, do you need a .com, .co.uk, .org or .net, or one of the more exotic types? Is your preferred name already taken and what is the best alternative? Should you have more than one? What effect does this have on your google ranking?

We can help you to choose and register your favourite name and set this up to point to the place where your new site will live. We'll explain the consequences of any choices before you commit to anything and we'll set everything up once you feel comfortable with the process.

Web sites need to be located somewhere that is visible from the internet. This would normally be a service provided by an ISP or Internet Service Provider, in exchange for a monthly or annual fee. If you chose to have your hosting with us, we will give you free hosting for first year, along with the annual registration cost of your URL. If you prefer, we will set everything up for you with your preferred ISP instead.


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