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The Celtic Jewellery Shop

celticjewelleryThe Celtic Jewellery Shop wanted an updated web site to help increase their turnover. It had to present a large number of products in a visually appealing manner, while being easy for visitors to navigate and to search. The prices of over 2000 products had to be updated regularly.

Three versions of the site were required, one each for Sterling, US dollars and Euros, with localisation of each site.

We built the site on a commercial ecommerce product, which we integrated with a custom built product database. Several navigation and search routes were developed to ensure that visitors could find relevant products with a minimum of clicks. Finally, we automated the processing of product photography in order to reduce the cost of adding new and existing products.

Since being redeveloped, the sites have attracted over a million unique visitors and have generated more than 1 million pounds in revenues for the company.


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