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Requirements analysis

We can help you to define exactly what the goals for your web presence are, then advise you on the sort of web site you would need to achieve these and how best to monitor how well these goals are being achieved.

There are many different reasons why you or your organisation might wish to own a web site. Fully understanding and defining those reasons as goals is the vital first step of the process. This allows you to specify the design, complexity and functionality your site should exhibit. Otherwise, those goals will not be met, except by accident.

These are a few typical goals you might define for your site:

  • I want to sell my goods to the online public;
  • I want a web site to show my customers what it is we do.
  • I want to keep in contact with our members and keep them up to date;
  • I want to tell people about my guest house.
  • I want the public to know what we are doing.
  • I want to look like a much bigger business.

This short list shows how varied these goals can be. The act of defining them can lead you to answer questions you may not yet have even asked. For example, if you are intending to sell goods on your site, where are your customers located? What language(s) do they speak? What currency do they use? What is their typical age and gender? All of these should be known before deciding on the details of your web site, and we can help to guide you through this analysis.

Depending on your location, we can normally achieve this with a single meeting, Skype or telephone conversation, followed up by our written recommendations. At the end of this stage, we will give you a quotation for the work we feel is required, and outline the choices you can make, along with any consequences such as cost. Unless you are planning a major development which requires a formal proposal document, this analysis would normally be done at our expense.

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