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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Every web site development or redevelopment we carry out is done so in such a way that it will be easily found and correctly categorised by search engines. This helps visitors to find your site and is an essential aspect of modern web site design.

Search engine optimisation is largely based on the use of keywords. Those are the phrases that people use to search for your products or services online. Once you understand what phrases people are using to search, you can start to make sure that your site is what they find.

The first step is to analyse the phrases that searchers are using, then to check how much competition you have on each phrase. For example, if you are a Stornoway based barber, you are unlikely to be found if someone searches for "barber", but quite likely to be found if they search for "barbers in Stornoway", as long as your site has been optimised for this phrase.

Optimisation, in its simplest sense, involves the placement of the targeted phrase in the visible (and invisible) text of the site. This must be done carefully to persuade search engines that you deserve to be found for that keyword, and to make your text look natural to human readers too.

For small sites, only one or two phrases might turn out to be important and a separate page of the site can be optimised for each of them. For larger sites, particularly ecommerce sites, separate "landing pages" can be created for each keyword.

As well as this, other "on page" techniques can be applied such as site maps, internal links, image and table descriptions and metadata (hidden tags). When used subtly, the combination of these will help to promote your site on each of the search engines.

We can, of course, carry out this work for you. This will be included in the price of our standard site packages.


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