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Site updates and amendments

Over time, it is likely that you will want to add new content to your site, or to change the existing content, in order to keep it relevant.We can take on responsibility for the longer term upkeep of your site or pass it on to you, as you prefer.

This might include the addition of new content, including product information. We will discuss this with you separately from the development of the site, so you can make a choice of what would be in your best interest. The cost would depend on the amount of work required.

For sites which are likely to require frequent or regular updates or changes, we would normally recommend that the site is built on a content management system. This allows new content to be added, existing content to be amended, and even the site architecture to be changed, with a minimum of technical knowledge or training. This has two effects, either you can take on this responsibility by yourself or we can do this for you at a cost effective rate.

For ecommerce sites, this is often critical as changes in prices, product availability and even VAT rate can lead to regular updates being required. Often, the solution is to build a separate product database to contain the variable information and simplify its update or calculation.

We can, of course, help with all of this.


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